What is Medical Marijuana?

We’ll tell you right off what it’s not…

MMJ, Medical Marijuana is not Recreational Marijuana.

Recreational, or Adult-Use Marijuana, is currently illegal and unregulated here in Canada and the USA (except for Colorado, Oregon and Washington state which are allowing its sale, ignoring the Federal illegality), and is grown in homes, backyards, hothouses, and hidden amongst other crops – always illegally.  It’s no surprise that its cleanliness and purity is usually questionable.

Licensed Canadian Medical Marijuana, MMJ, and more properly called Medical Cannabis, however, is cleanly grown in an indoor controlled environment; and it is then dried and processed in lab-clean IndoorGrowingconditions in accordance with strict rules and regulations established and enforced by Health Canada.

The MMJ, whether in bud or extracted in liquid form, is tested for impurities before it is sold directly to those with medical cannabis prescriptions.  Its intended use is not “MMJLabPicrecreational”.  It is produced to provide a natural, non-opiate, non-pharmaceutical treatment for a very wide range of physical, neurological and mental ailments.

A Google search for “medical marijuana uses and benefits” provides 993,000 hits, including http://norml.org/library/recent-research-on-medical-marijuana which offers information on MMJ’s curative potential for the following ailments:


• Alzheimer’s Disease
• Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS)
• Chronic Pain
• Diabetes Mellitus
• Dystonia
• Epilepsy
• Fibromyalgia
• Gastrointestinal Disorders
• Gliomas/Cancer
• Hepatitis C
• Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV)
• Huntington’s Disease
• Hypertension
• Incontinence
• Methicillin-resistant Staphyloccus aureus (MRSA)
• Multiple Sclerosis
• Osteoporosis
• Parkinson’s Disease
• Post-Traumatic Stress
• Pruritus
• Rheumatoid Arthritis
• Sleep Apnea
• Tourette’s Syndrome

We expect, as MMJ’s availability increases, as MMJ becomes better understood, many additional human conditions will be added to this list.