Phase One & Two Development Plans

Our plans for Phases One and Two of our development program have been created with the assistance of professional input from our Master Grower, and the professionals at Trichome Consulting Inc. who have processed more than 50 prior MMPR License Applications at Health Canada.


We’ll begin with a 12,000 sf warehouse-type building as shown above, within approximately 20 acres of the 54-acre property, just east of the Town of Vegreville, Alberta.  We’ll have plenty of room within this parcel to expand this facility as the market for our MMJ may demand.  An adjacent same sized Phase Two building is planned, immediately south of the Phase One building.

Phase One will have one vegetation room and four grow rooms, to allow us to establish staggered harvesting and processing cycles.   Our projected production is for 10,296 oz of premium bud per year from this Phase One facility.

Phase Two a year later will add one more veg room and five more grow rooms, which will allow us to establish continuous veg-grow-harvest-process cycles with a well-trained full-time employee base.  We’re projecting that Phases One and Two will produce a minimum of 26,770 oz of high quality medical cannabis annually.

With the venture owning 54 acres, our capability to expand these operations is very substantial, and we should never require all this area to become one of Canada’s largest medical cannabis producers, should such an expansion make market sense.  Currently, our medium-term plans are to take this initial facility to an eventual 84,000 sf complex in total, so long as there is increasing demand and the in-place facilities are operating profitably.  At this size we project producing a minimum of 98,842 oz of high quality medical cannabis annually and a bottom line exceeding $20 million annually.