Investment Summary

Our objective is to capitalize our initial two stages of this venture with equity funds only.  These stages will be:

Stage One – an equity capital raise of C$500,000 in 50 $10,000 units of partnership interest, to be used for:

  • Completing a $245,000 purchase of the 54 acres of agricultural land we have under contract;
  • Legal work, initial land planning, some R&D, and administrative costs;
  • Support our 900-page Health Canada License application for which we’ve received a formal File Number; and
  • Accomplishing the initial land, architectural, engineering and operational equipment planning work for Phase One of our licensed MMJ grow, processing and sales facility.

Stage Two – We will commence our second round of equity capital solicitations.  We estimate this will be for an additional US$4.6 million, which will fund:

  • The final design and engineering work;
  • Construct and equip an approximate 12,000 sf Phase One grow and processing facility; and
  • Provide the working capital required to commence operations;

Both of these capital offerings are private placements only to Accredited Investors and close personal friends and family members, in accordance with SEC private placement exemptions.

Information on each of these offerings can be requested from the Contact page of this website.