About Us

gpprincipalscvsRiley McGee and Larry Bortles are the principals who are driving this MMJ Enterprises Ltd venture.  We’re businessmen who have focused our professional careers on investment, the development and management of a wide range of real estate projects in Canada, the mainland USA and Hawaii, and in the Fiji Islands.

Canada’s Marihuana for Medical Purposes Regulations “MMPR” impresses us.  This law, passed on 7th June 2013, has established clear and tough standards for growing, producing and selling Medical Marijuana “MMJ” which we believe will assure that Canada-branded MMJ will enjoy world-wide respect and premium values.  In what we see as a rapidly growing market recognition of MMJ’s natural curative powers, opportunities abound.

We like what we see for establishing now an Edmonton-based MMJ grow, processing and sales operation.

Assisting us with the submission of our approximate 900-page Health Canada application for a license to produce MMJ was John Karroll, of Trichome Consulting Services.  Trichome’s professional portfolio includes over 50 active applications with MMPR from locations in every province across Canada (except Quebec) plus clients and affiliated partners in New York, Oregon, Washington State, California, South Africa and First Nations groups.  Trichome’s services include assisting us to vet key employees, securing the services of proven MMJ industry advisors and recommending the equipment we’ll be needing to assure we produce the highest quality medical cannabis.

Reporting to us will be a full-time Master Grower and a Quality Assurance Technician, as required by the MMPRs.  One of the Master Growers that we are considering employing has 20 years of MJ grow experience in British Columbia within their often grey legal environment for a wide range of grow operations, plant strains and grow media.  His hands-on experience will be particularly valuable as we set up, commence growing, harvest and process for our medical cannabis product.

We also intend to engage the services of a Quality Assurance Officer, a 20-year quality control, quality assurance and quality compliance professional for several pharmaceutical companies in England and within many provinces of Canada.  She will be tasked with the responsibilities to assuring our grow, harvest and drying processes meet and exceed the high standards established by Health Canada.